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  • "I bought the "Master Sailor Certification SGS" to go with my new Hunter. I got so many compliments I had to get a couple more to keep up.

    My friends hate it when I wear the "Dear Crew" one. They hate me to emphasize that I'm the boss."

    Master Sailor Certification 
  • "These T-shirts are great! Not only are they comfortable, but the printed material on them is fun.

    My friends all want one of their own. But as it says, they're "Not for Everybody". Glad there are many to choose from..."

    Sailing, Knot for Everybody 
  • "My first thought was that these tees were
    nice but I didn't need another t-shirt. After having one of my friends
    who crewed with me come aboard wearing the "
    OH LOOK, LAND!" shirt, I
    laughed so hard I knew I just had to have my own"

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GoSailTee's original design "MY SHIP CAME IN" solid white cotton t-shirt comes in a variety of sizes.

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Let's Talk About Why Our Tee Shirts are only available in White...

You may wonder why our Tee Shirts only are available in white. Well, let me give you the back ground as to why this is. Our designs are very colorful and display better on white. But, that's not the only reason we choose to use white. White is a traditionally sophisticated color and has been the standard in boating and other sports like tennis for years. So, that's one of the reasons we choose white. The other reason is in the spectrum or color, white is the reflective color because it reflects off all other colors. Therefore, it is the coolest color for the wearer and tends to reflect the sun off of the individual wearing it. Hope that gives you a little insite as to why we choose to use only white for our tees. Thanks.